Sunday, November 17, 2013


Just like every other body on this planet, music has been interwoven with my soul and if I go a day without listening to something I might just start to dematerialize and vanish into the black abyss.

Things changed for me when I moved to Carson City to be with my boyfriend (now fiance'). Music, for the longest time, was my boyfriend (it pretty much still is) and nothing got in the way of my alone time with it. Not even promise of booze-centric parties with attractive people. Any and all time that I had alone, music was sure to be there as my loyal compadre. It intensified, coddled, and soothed my moods like no person ever could and I was love-struck from the beginning. People and their company, at this point, were inadmissible in comparison to music.

I stretched years of listening by turning on the same records and further submerging myself in another world where life felt complete from just one melody out of a song. I went through stages where I focused on numerous genres and their subgenres (for example: hip hop, punk rock, classic rock, metal, synth pop, trip hop, "grunge"/alternative, it goes on) and I became this person that reflected my taste in music so that way everyone knew what I liked. 

I've chilled out since then. 

After six years of hearing the same riffs and tunes, I made a radical shift in what I listen to this past year. I had lost all attachment with my present music library and it was as if layers of my soul were being peeled away because I went so long without really sitting, listening, and enjoying like I was so used to doing before. Turns out what I thought I loved, music-wise, I loved no more. 

So, I did what any right mind would do and ventured into unknown territory where all the cool people I adored were groovin' and I joined them. Never once in my life have I felt this right with music before. It's all new to me and I embrace it with eagerness to keep digging, to keep discovering, and to just sit back and relish in it all. 

Music will always be a part of my life. For every milestone or weird period I go through, there was always some background 'noise' to accompany me. For the brief time I wasn't sure I would re-connect but I'm glad to say that I have. This is exciting!


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